The Third Latin American Congress of Interdisciplinary Research and Higher Education (IEI 2021) will promote spaces for the discussion of interdisciplinary projects, as well as a deeper theoretical discussion about the essential peculiarities of the formation processes of new interdisciplinary fields. It will pay special attention to the introduction in the university curricula of mechanisms that allow the creation of common languages among specialists from different areas of knowledge.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Ricardo Mansilla Corona (CEIICH – UNAM)

President of the Congress

Dr. Augusto Castro Carpio (INTE – PUCP, Perú)

Dra. Guadalupe Valencia García (CEIICH – UNAM)

Dra. Ana Corbacho (EI – UdeLaR – Uruguay)

Dr. José Manuel Nieto Villar (UH – Cuba)

Dr. Hugo Melgar-Quiñonez (McGill Institute for Global Food Security – Canadá)

Dr. Adrián Curiel Rivera (CEPHCIS – UNAM)

Dr. Pedro Miramontes Vidal (Faculty of Science – UNAM)

Dra. Norma Blazquez Graf (CEIICH – UNAM)

Dr. Mauricio Sánchez Menchero (CEIICH – UNAM)

Dr. Enrique Cáceres Nieto (IIJ - UNAM)

Dra. Ana Bugnone (National University of La Plata – Argentina)

For the registration of work tables, contact Dr. Ricardo Mansilla:

Keynote conferences

The mountains according to Leonardo da Vinci
Dr. D. Iacobone, Politecnico di Milano
Computing as an Epistemological Tool: Six Lessons from Computer Chess
Dr. Cláudio Alves de Amorim, Universidade do Estado da Bahia, Brasil
Places to intervene: transforming universities towards dynamic and relational inter- and transdisciplinary institutions.
Dr. Dena Fam, University of Technology Sydney
Dr. Ulli Vilsmaier, University of Leuphana
Interdisciplinary higher education focused on academic motivation and diversity of teamwork.
Dra. Ana Corbacho, University of the Republic, Uruguay.
The Interdiscipline from the theory of complex systems.
Dr. Pedro Miramontes, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico.

Work tables

The interface between Physics and Social Sciences
PhD. Oscar Fontanelli (
Juridical Constructivism and Artificial Intelligence
Dr. E. Cáceres (
Epidemic models and COVID_19
Dra. N. Mantilla (
The interdisciplinary study of the environment. A farewell to disciplinary egos
Dra. M. Martínez (
Inter-institutional projects on multi and interdisciplinary studies
Dr. M. Sanchez (
Interdiscipline and higher education
Dr. J. C. Villa Soto (